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Epilim, one of the registered trade names for sodium valproate which controls electrical activity in the brain to halt seizures, is now being blamed for a medical disaster worse than the Thalidomide scandal of the Sixties — when around 2,000 babies were tragically born with missing or shortened limbs after their mothers took the drug Thalidomide to control morning sickness. He had no sucking reflex and it took him days to learn to feed from a bottle.

LMTX targets the formation of 'tau' protein 'tangles' in the brain.

'We are taking the 4mg dose forward because it’s better tolerated and has no difference in effect.'Professor Wilcock added: '[The drug] will only be approved and available for patients if future trials are positive.

It will probably be another five years.'The findings were published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

The drug contains a chemical that dissolves protein 'tangles' in the brain that clump together to form plaques in the region associated with memory, according to its manufacturer Tau Rx Pharmaceuticals.

Dissolving these tangles and preventing the formation of new plaques may slow or even halt memory loss in dementia sufferers, the pharma company adds.

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Aerobic exercise such as walking and running may halt dementia by preventing the brain from shrinking, research suggested earlier this month.

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